The First Selectman’s Youth Commission works to enhance the lives of Greenwich youth through program development and implementation and through collaboration with community partners.

Commissioners create and contribute to initiatives focused on Greenwich youth. They participate on other Town boards, commissions, and committees, and partner with Town agencies, schools, and community organizations to facilitate community conversations and engagement. FSYC projects include a scholarship for high school graduates, writing, art, and film contests, the Greenwich Middle School STEM Fair, the Junior FSYC (for middle school students), the Greenwich Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and initiatives focused on youth mental health and substance use prevention. The FSYC partners with Greenwich Public Schools, Greenwich Together, Greenwich Alliance for Education, Greenwich Scholarship Association, the Greenwich Department of Social Services, and YWCA Greenwich. The Youth Commission commits to developing new partnerships to ensure increased connections with diverse communities in the Town.

The First Selectman’s Youth Commission is a community of young people motivated to promote the youth voice in the Town of Greenwich.

Established in 2014, the FSYC is comprised of a diverse group of high school students--who represent different backgrounds, different schools, different geographic parts of Town, and different interests--to champion youth concerns and improve the quality of life for young people in the Town of Greenwich.
Commissioners commit to:
1. Understanding issues concerning youth and addressing unmet needs;
2. Collaborating with other Town boards, commissions, committees, community organizations, and agencies in the planning and execution of youth-focused projects;
3. Engaging in outreach and relationship-building activities with youth populations to create and contribute to youth programs.

Funds will be used to support Youth Commission operations and community projects, programs, and events. Your donation will allow the FSYC to make meaningful contributions to the Greenwich community.

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

We welcome matching gifts. For Corporate Sponsor Levels please contact us at

Checks should be made payable to The Greenwich Department of Human Services Fund, Inc. and sent to Greenwich Department of Human Services, 101 Field Point Rd., Greenwich CT 06830