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The annual Greenwich Campership Program, administered by the Program Division of the Department of Human Services, enables children ages 5 – 14 from low income families to enjoy a memorable and fun-filled experience at summer camp. Camps promote a more positive self-image and healthy social and emotional adjustment. Scholarships are available to many local day camps, as well as, a sleep-away camp in Connecticut.


To qualify for a full camp scholarship, a child’s family income must not exceed 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. This means that a family of four earning $7,500 a month or less is eligible to receive full payment of camp fees. Exceptions are sometimes made for families with extenuating circumstances.


Camp scholarships are funded through contributions from community

groups, businesses, corporations and individuals. Without generous support from donors, children can be left with limited enrichment opportunities throughout the summer. We need your support for the 2024 Campership Program. Please consider donating today!


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Sponsor a Camper for Two Weeks

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Sponsor a Camper for Four Weeks

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Camp Enthusiast

Children's Race


Camp Champion



Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Send A Check Made Payable To:

The Greenwich Department of Human Services Fund, Inc.
and sent to Attn: Campership, Department of Human Services,

101 Field Point Road, Greenwich, CT 06830

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