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Greenwich Youth Conservation

For 40 years, our town parks and beaches have benefitted tremendously from the hard work of 14- and 15-year-olds who choose to spend part of their summer with the GYCP.


Each year, well over 150 young teens apply for our “earn and learn” program because it gives them an opportunity to gain valuable job skills and make an impact in their community. Last year, a favorite program feature was a talk on building a resume and marketable job skills given by Family Centers. Overall, a remarkable 98% said their experience as a GYCP team member was positive!


This unique public/private program could not exist without the generosity of donors and sponsors who make it possible for each teen to receive a stipend for their work. We hope you’ll consider donating to the GYCP today.

In 2022

112 teens revitalized Greenwich’s green spaces, planting trees, shrubs and flowers, removing invasive vines and clearing walking paths. 

Work Sites

Babcock Trails

Bruce Park

Christiano Field

Glenville School

Montgomery Pinetum

Sachem Nature Preserve

Tod’s Point

Bible Street Park

Byram Beach

The Glenville Green

International School at Dundee

Parkway School

Skylark Park

Make a difference by Employing our Hardworking Teens!

Your donation to the Greenwich Youth Conservation Program will make a difference to young Greenwich teens and the town’s environment.

Donated funds will create a job opportunity for teens, pay for teen stipends and create a greener Greenwich!


Planting a Tree

$1,100 for four teens

Leaf Stem

$675 for three teens

Blue Sky

$550 for two teens


$275 for one teen

Tree Leaves

$100 help sponsor a teen

Park Trees

Any amount appreciated!

We welcome matching gifts.

For Corporate Sponsor Levels please contact us at

Donors who contribute $275 or more will be invited to GYCP worksite this summer.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Send A Check Made Payable To:

The Greenwich Department of Human Services Fund, Inc.
and sent to Attn: GYCP, Department of Human Services,

101 Field Point Road, Greenwich, CT 06830

“The most important thing I learned was to take care of my town and my surroundings and to start filling my resume for the future."
"The most important thing I learned from the program is that not only does it teach me how to properly hold a job and be professional, it also benefits me in the future when applying for other jobs too."
“I learned that even though you have different backgrounds and different lives you can become closer by working with each other.”
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