Overview of Programs

Campership Program

Provides scholarships to GDHS clients to attend summer camp. This program serves children (ages 4-14) and seniors ages 55 and over. Scholarships are paid directly to local day camps and 2 sleep away camps that often offer a discounted rate for recipients. Campership applications are sent to GDHS clients who must meet with a case manager and provide verification of income and assets. Once clients qualify they attend a registration session and choose their camp preference and dates.

Back to School

Back to School Supplies

At the start of the new school year families with Children in Kindergarten -12th grade are provided with Backpacks and School Supplies. Monetary donations as well as backpacks and supplies are greatly appreciated!

Boots and Shoes

Provides vouchers and gift cards for kindergarteners through 9th graders, to purchase footwear.

Holiday Aid

Provides food assistance through food vouchers or store gift cards during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/ Hanukkah Holidays. This program allows families to purchase the food for a celebratory meal at the holidays. The value is based on family size and total donations received.

BANC Enrichment Program

BANC is a licensed after school program providing education, enrichment and socialization to 80 children from low-income families in kindergarten-3rd grade. Donated funds will help provide enrichment and after school activities such as Second Step (a social/emotional learning program), yoga, chess, sports clinic swim lessons, arts and crafts, healthy snacks and student program t-shirts.

Greenwich Youth Conservation Program

Summer youth employment program serving 112 Greenwich teens (ages 14-15) with opportunity of first job. Students come from Greenwich Middle Schools, High School, and Private Schools. This program allows teens the opportunity to meet other teens and to learn teamwork and practical skills while enhancing the Town’s environment. The donated funds will be used to give stipends of $225 to each teen completing the program.

Greenwich Youth Corp

Provides an additional opportunity for youth ages 16-17. Teens are selected from their work in GYCP and 2 groups of 7 work 30 hours a week for 4 weeks earning minimum wage. This is a partnership with Greenwich Land Trust. Teen salaries are funded through private donations. For more information about the Greenwich Youth Corp contact us at GreenwichDHSfund@gmail.com.

First Selectman’s Youth Commission

The First Selectman’s Youth Commission engages a diverse group of high school students to champion youth concerns for the purpose of improving the quality of life for young people in the Town of Greenwich. Commissioners actively engage in opportunities to create and contribute to community youth initiatives. They partner with Town agencies, neighborhoods, and community organizations to facilitate community conversations and engagement, youth activities, and participate on other Town boards, commissions, and committees in the planning of youth-oriented. Funds raised for the FSYC will be used to support Youth Commission operations and community projects, programs, and events.